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Tennis courts are found everywhere from parks and schools to clubs and homes. SportMaster systems are ideal for any indoor or outdoor court surface in any part of the world.


SportMaster - is a multiple product, colour surface treatment. It is based upon the application of successive textured and finishing coats. When applied over asphalt and concrete surfaces it provides an all-weather surface. Utilising 100% acrylic and high quality resins, flexibility is inherent to all our system.


Our surfaces are designed to meet the demands of high traffic. Like all SportMaster systems, the surface is hard wearing, long lasting with deep saturated colours. Even in wet conditions you will feel & play confidently with grip underfoot.


Why use a SportMaster Surfacing System on your Tennis court?

  • Aesthetics: 14 standard, vibrant colours ensure many years of fade-resistant beauty for your investment.
  • ITF Accredited – With 5 pace ratings, Endorsed by the International Tennis Federation
  • Environment: 100% acrylic, water-based sports surfaces with low levels of volatile organic compounds provide a safe environment. With a variety of colours, our sports surfaces offer choices that can contribute to a low solar reflective index. This results in cooler sports surfaces and surrounding area.  SportMaster sports surfaces uses only recycled rubber in our cushioned premium court resurfacing systems. With many surfacing options from high-end, professional facilities to a backyard court. If you are interested in getting cost estimates for basketball court resurfacing, please contact us.
  • Court Protection & Maintenance: Repair and coating products protect and extend the useful life of the asphalt or concrete surface from the sun, weather and environmental contaminants.



Tennis Courts - FAQ's

Q. What is the size of a standard Tennisl court?

A. 23.77 x 10.97 Metres – This is the playing surface not the run off.


Q. What minimum run off is required?

A. 3.65 Metres AT THE SIDELINE & 6.40 Metres AT THE BASLINE


Q. What are the benefits of Cushion systems?

A. Cushioned systems have superb shock absorbing qualities, reducing the shock on legs & joints & ensuring an extended playing life.


Q. What service does Kangaroo Courts Australia offer?

A. A complete service which involves court inspection, consultation, design, surface preparation, installation & line marking. On areas indoor & out on new & aged concrete & asphalt surfaces.